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Pixelstein 3d - 7.0

Retro fps blast from the past with custom engine. · By Play8Bitars


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Yes iam working on the next engine.
Iam constantly prototyping the next game engine for the promised pixelstein 3d part 2. But i will not announce the new game until i have a stable game engine ia...
Updated to version 7.0
All versions up to date. Sorry for the delays with updates and bugfixes. But have new work now so i should be able to do more and quicker updates...
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pixelmapper 2 beta gets a update soon.
The mapper for 8 breed and pixelstein will get a update during the week. some fixes i added is auto detect if you miss a wall close to a invisible solid etc Min...
3 files
6.8 bug fixes!
Fixes the ingame shop crash bug in 6.7. Also adds the new more hires mapper for anyone that purchased the game...
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Minor updates.
Higher rate of fire for grenades and mines to make more things go boom. Fixed all rate links on all 5 versions. windows and Linux can select to rate on indie db...
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Standalone now latest version
Updated standalone to latest version. More damage fx and more new artwork. Be sure to leave feedback if you encounter any problems in the game forum...
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Updating a bunch of old textures.
Started updating some old textures with new ones. Also made a few new cosmetic changes...
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Latest up for linux and windows.
Now is also the mapper included for anyone that want to create a mod of there own with the engine. Or simply try out your own artwork in the pixelstein 3d engin...
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Opened the board for any suggestions and feedback. So had to remove the comments as i have to choose. A forums board whe...
started by Play8Bitars Mar 23, 2019
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Hello, found this and wanted to know, if it is maybe possible to get the source code of this game? https://www.indiedb.c...
started by Folker Feb 07, 2021
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Iam going to do a larger update to improve performance on more systems. More options on sync and vsync etc. More clear c...
started by Play8Bitars Jul 01, 2019
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