A downloadable game

This project is on hold and will be completely rewritten.

Wath i could find on the traffic on goggle play and itch so do this project nead to be completely redone.

It is simply not popular :)

I do simply not have the resources to support a unpopular project for a longer time.

I thank the 2 backers the project had.

This project might be aviable as a full source at some stage?

Let me know if its intresting.

Iam rewriting the game engine and game my self. 


Loved all these pico8 games around but dont have pico8!

But i do have app game kit so why not code something from scratch that looks like a pico8 game ;)

Update 0.021 makes goork more a game then prototype with basic boss fights and more.

So here is a early prototype of my game and its Engine.

It supports touch controls,mouse and keyboard...

Keyboard keys is simply Arrow keys and to fight bump in to enemies like the old Classic ys games...

Any donations go straight in to the game and its development and to keep if free of charge as long as possible.

On Android when released there will be some small banners and i might use reward adds ?


To celebrate a second backer of the project so is there a special update of the game up now.

I had plans to relseas a update later on but as i got a new backer so is the current state of the project up now.

Keep in mind its still a prototype…...


Update 2 is up and have the players for windows and Linux in 32 and 64 bit versions.

Also the mac runtime app so please report how it works on mac as i dont have a mac.

Simply start the player version that fits your os.

later will i split the versions up to make the file smaller….

The my gork files zipp is simply the folder the game creates for user mods.

So unpack it in your documents folder if you are lazy but want to test the modding.


Linux wont run executable?

One user reported that this worked for them.

$ sudo apt install libcurl3

I have reports that some Linux user dont get sound?

Wath i know is this only that you dont have the correct sound drivers installed but will get back when i know how to solve it easy.


Wath is app game kit you say?

Its the Worlds best tool for creators that still like to code but are lazy ;)

The creators of app game kit tool.


Some additional art have bin purchased here on itch io for the game by.

kicked in the teeth


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A very well polished game, and a great addition to any retro loving gamer, with awesome pixelated graphics and amazing gameplay. A must for any collection, why not make a small donation instead of that coffee you purchase at the local coffee shop, and help developers like this one go on and produce more titles for your enjoyment.

You are for kind fubpark and thanks ;)

I have a few bugs i found i nead to fix but getting alot closer to be a game now.

hey there, tried downloading the app on my android and I could not start the game as an error message popped up saying I had not given permission to open the files after i had given the permission even after I restarted, just a heads up.

thats weird as it should not do that ?

Its how goggle android setups this on android as the code only checks if the permission have bin turned down or accepted on the os ?

but i will probably nead to do a kind of fallback to if android os fails this?

This happens as the modding function neads to read and write to he sd card so users can share there mods.

I nead to check if some os have other restrictions also on android.

wath mobile brand and os do you have ;)

oops meant reinstalled btw, not restarted, I'm using a Huawei with the Android 8.0.0 os

Should be fixed now as it where the late list all mod function that made it crash if the folder did not exist ;)

When i added this so did i have the folders so the crash never occured for me ;)

Thanks for the feedback..

uploading version 0.017 to play ;)

And thanks for the feedback as its very important ;)

Although only a prototype, this is already a game I love! I am excited to see version 1.0 some day.

Thanks alot my friend and thanks for the donation ;)

Excellent fun little game. Really good progression on the difficulty and being able to earn points to upgrade skills is great too. Game has a lot more to it than a first impression would lead you to believe. Nice work! :)

Thanks gar :)

I tryed to wait for the prototype even if its very early until i released anything playable…..

Its about 8% done with wath i have planned for it as it only have about 9 rooms being flipped and randomized of 50 etc.

The ingame shop with the ingame curreny for weapons and other fun stuff is not activ ingame still.

and the boss rooms is still being coded.

But wanted to show it to see if anyone is intrested in funding a small indi game by a one man team so early.

so thanks for your contribution in making the game happen ;)


iam working on the modding posssibilities also with the first bit that anyone can select to play anyones shared maps ingame as a game of its own…

Thats very simple as the mapper have its own tile painter also….

but this part is also very early.