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The license is Mit License but i would love to know if you create anything with the template on the page forum here.

My plan is to release all the source code i have scribbled so far on this page when i see its a proper update to post here.


I have never used gamemaker before so expect that it is wath it is.

i make this on the fly while i learn its scripting language.

and checking various cool tutorials on youtbe.

Dragonitespams channel.

Gamemaker Stations channel.

It started as a simple project when i heard gamemaker studio 2 is free to use with all functions so decided to try it.

But it grew during these days so better to share it if someone find it usefull.

I will probably not do any game with it because i dont have the time for it.


My goal for the game engine!

Mix of old wolfenstein and doom engines.

it means simple rectangles and squares but multiple floors in the maps.

Also means you cant always make walkable areas on top of each other but in some cases.

Easy to understand and edit inside gamemaker studio.

aimed for to be played in web browsers and that means capped at 30 fps and try to use as little resources as possible.

A base to be easy to edit and adapt for more types of games.

I do not promise it to be good but fun to play with.

There is no promises on adding things or keep updating it.

I work on it when i have time.

i work fulltime monday to friday and all weekends are i away from home mostly so not much time.



New in 0.15

More enemies and settings for them. ( shooting etc)

particles and even more particles.

Basic ingame settings.


New in 0.11

Alot of speed optimizations.

differrent basic weapons done.

On the camera object can you set a more retro looking rendering now.

Alot of small things done.


New in 0.07

Basic bullet.

basic doors and elevators moving up etc.

have started to code and will implement DraginiteSpams collsion code at a later stage with raycasting and such.

but when i can not tell you ;)

And mayby his lighting code?

But want basics working before adding anything else.


New in 0.06

Better gui and making things more clear.

Adding screens for various sections to try out new gui objects.

Fixing various wrong bits.


New in 0.05

More texture work and minor changes.

Added a proper tileset so decal work on floors and ceiling can be tested more.

Edited the map more to show how much you already can do with it....


New in 0.04

wall cubes can be assigned specific textures for each side and the same with color straight in the room editor.

there is decor layers for each floors ceiling and floor using the built in tiles in gms2.

staircases can be done as long as there is only one floor segment on the same cordinate.

else it gets a bit shaky.


First release 0.03


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Gms Fps 0.03.yyz 145 kB

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